Our Partners

World Bankcard Services Offers True Life Time Residuals

Once you sign or refer a merchant Client to World Bankcard Services, you will earn a residual/commission for as long as that merchant Client stays a Customer of World Bankcard Services. Please contact us for additional information.

Other Benefits of Partnering with WBS include:

  • Training and educational programs in place to help you succeed
  • Products that are PCI Compliant and EMV Certified
  • Over 25 years of experience helping our partners grow
  • Customer satisfaction – We understand that trust is key to your business success. When you refer your Customers to WBS, we treat them with the professionalism and respect they deserve.
  • Full cost disclosure. No hidden fees – We are committed to full-disclosure and fair business dealings with our merchant Customers and Partners.
  • Secure, Reliable, Cost-effective POS Solutions – Customers and members receive unmatched protection through WBS’s proprietary WorldTouch POS technology.


Partnering with World Bankcard is a life changing opportunity.