ATM Solutions and Services


There are many advantages of having an ATM on your premises.  With an ATM in your location you have the opportunity to increase your sales, profitability and foot traffic very quickly.  Once consumers realize you have an ATM, generally the consumer will visit the ATM on a regular basis.  Plus you may actually save money on your credit card processing and check handling expenses and losses when more of your customers are able to pay with cash.   With the income you may make from your ATM – the ATM may pay for itself within months!

WBS supports a variety of ATM’s from the major ATM manufacturers and we will review our program options with you to make sure we meet your requirements.  We have ATM’s available for purchase or you may want to utilize one of our low price leases.

If you’re already in the ATM business and want better processing and service we invite you to contact us so one of our ATM specialists can show you the benefits of our processing capabilities. We also have many customers who don’t own a business but get permission to place their ATMs in a business owned by someone else — benefiting both the ATM owner and the business owner.


ATM Solutions and Services

WBS provides comprehensive ATM services enabling you to increase customer satisfaction, sales, profitability and foot traffic in your business. Using our ATM services may also reduce your expenses of card and check processing fees.