Gift and Loyalty Program


Gift and Loyalty programs are great for attracting consumers and driving incremental, bottom line revenue. Gift card sales have increased steadily over recent years, and demand remains incredibly strong.

Gift Card Programs

Regardless of size, businesses can benefit from offering gift cards to their customer base. Gift Card programs offered by WBS are fully customizable with no risk to the merchant while adding the ability to track gift card sales with ease by eliminating the need for any manual tracking and associated paperwork. WBS gift card programs are compatible with most credit card terminals and POS systems and require little effort and expense to implement quickly.

Loyalty Programs

Every merchant knows that rewarding customers for their loyalty results in increased number of returning customers. WBS provides merchants with the ability to continuously track the customers’ spending for the purpose of establishing “The More You Spend, The More You Save” type of programs. WBS can help you develop an individualized reward program customized for your unique business.

Gift and Loyalty Program

Drive increased revenue with our customizable gift and loyalty programs
  •  Customized Cards
  •  Tailored programs for your unique business needs
  •  Quick flexible transactions with zero risk
  •  Compatible with most credit card terminals and POS systems

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Professionally Designed or Customizable

Use your own design or choose one of our professionally designed options

Standard or Optional Denominations

Offer preset denominations or let your customers set the amount

Real-time Online Reporting

Get reports on your gift card sales, usage trends and more

Single-use or Reloadable Cards

Add money to cards after they’ve been issued or set a specific expiration date